Sunday, October 5, 2008

dangersLY irreleVANT

Our intelligence tends to produce technological and social change at a rate faster than our institutions and emotions can cope with. . . . We therefore find ourselves continually trying to accommodate new realities within inappropriate existing institutions, and trying to think about those new realities in traditional but sometimes dangerously irrelevant terms. (War: The Lethal Custom, p. 441)

i like this quote.

I just wrote a long response to this but my web browser did something and i lost the entire thing. i guess this is demonstrative of the "new realities" of technology, information, learning, and knowledge sharing. although my original post is gone, it's content is still within me. was the intention of my post for me to digest and synthesize my own thoughts about the aforementioned quote for the sake of knowing and gaining a better understanding? or was it for others to read? it was the former.

the only constant is change. and the REALITY, is that technology, the internet, students, and in turn, educational institutions are constantly changing. how do we keep up?

as educational leaders, academic advisors, administrators, counselors, maintenance workers, do we speak the same 21st language as our students? how do we ascertain the complexities of their multilinguistic techie terminologies and slang? 20th century educational leaders "teaching" 21st century students in 20th century languages and dialects may not warrant the educational outcomes we expect or think our teaching pedagogies & methodologies deserve.

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