Sunday, October 26, 2008

think globally, act locally

What can I do--that incorporates technology--to move my organization in the right direction? Risk plays a significant role when incorporating technology into any organization. The irony is that the most risk may occur at a personal, informal level with colleagues who exchange ideas about how to improve learning with our students. Oftentimes, I think of the phrase, "work smarter and not harder." As educational leaders, I believe technology allows us to work smarter in both informal and formal ways.

If the four elements that make up a learning environment are climate, content, context, and culture, then it is important for educational leaders, parents, policymakers, and students to consider how technology influences each of those areas. The content of our environment is moving at a quicker pace then what the climate and culture can keep up with.

The Learning Web shares with us the Keys to unlock the future Revolution

  1. It’s personal
  2. It’s interaction
  3. It’s global
  4. It’s instant
  5. It’s mainly free
  6. It’s easily shared
  7. It’s co-creative

Since we continue to live in an environment that grows exponentially every day via the internet and other technologies developed by companies, what can I do locally to make a difference in the here and now? the day to day? If I had to choose from the Learning Web's list, I would select #1 and #2. As an educational leader I can continue to recognize the importance and value of personal and interactive encounters with students, colleagues, policymakers, and other interested constituent groups.As our real and virtual worlds continue to become more and more global, instant, free, shared, and co-creative, the PERSONAL and INTERACTIVE aspects of human relationships may become magnified as an integral component of our society.

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