Monday, November 17, 2008


Education + Entertainment = Edutainment

With the incorporation of gaming, virtual environments, simulation, and computer sites that "do the math for you," what is left for our students to do? Is the saying, "computers are only as smart as the people using them" still applicable?

Real time problems, solutions, interaction, and co-creative learning environments with people across the globe is a reality in today's (and futuristic) educational institutions. Computer technologies in the classroom bring new meaning to the word, "multitasking." Working or thinking about multiple things will be the norm and standard for learning. Will we lose anything as a result of such a wide array of thoughts and projects simultaneously being focused upon? Will a generalist or more liberal arts perspective be the desired educational experience? Where does a specialist mentality fit in?

Entertainment + Education = Edutainment
If educational coaches, e.g. teachers, made the educational experience fun, haven't we been edutaining our students for centuries? If I had to pick a key ingredient. or the X-Factor that increases "test scores" or raise GPA's and student engagement or increase student persistence, I would put money on FUN. How much do our students actually enjoy learning?


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